Monday, 4 July 2011

How to... prepare yourself for jaw surgery

Well there you have it - the big day is a mere few days away. I say "big day", but it's a tad scarier and more painful than a wedding or promotion or birthday... and involves jaw breakage and being on liquid food for weeks. Anyway let's not dwell on the negatives. Instead, I'm a mere few days away from a much better bite so I can actually eat properly (as opposed to tearing my sandwich to small eatable chunks). And my profile should be improved so that I don't freak out everytime someone tries to point a camera at me from the side! As you can probably tell, I'm totally prepared for this...

Mental issues aside, here is my fool-proof guide to preparing yourself for jaw surgery:

1) Get yourself a film rental subscription
So the aftermath/recovery period will basically involve sitting in one place for a while. So what better than a rental subscription? I've just signed up for a 30 day free trial with LoveFilm (and it comes with a £20 Amazon voucher - result!) so I am definitely ready to curl up on the sofa and watch movies!

2) Get yourself lots of books

I have amazing friends (trust me this will become relevant in a moment). Friends who understand that I will be spending a lot of time isolated from "the outside world" and absolutely love reading. So they bought me a Kindle (yes a Kindle!) - thousands of books just one click away which will be incredibly handy to keep me amused post op and beyond.

3) Mentally prepare
My method of preparation is trying not to think about it too much. If I think too much, I'll panic and that'll put me in a horrible state for the operation! I'm often an over-thinker so this is great practice for the future. Thankfully, people have been very supportive and sympathetic instead of frightening "you're gonna die" and "that's going to hurt" comments. Thanks guys!

4) Breathe
In and out!

On a more serious note, this may be the last time I write before the surgery. I'm slightly scared about the whole waking up part (and yes, the pain.. after all I am only human) and staying in hospital overnight on my own. And I'm also a little worried about the state of my face upon waking up and how I won't be able to talk.. But (again) let's not dwell on the negatives! Everything happens for a reason and this smile is embarking on a whole new journey.

See you on the other side?
:) xoxo


  1. Hope all goes well for you! It sounds like you are preparing yourself pretty well. My surgery is in a few weeks so I hope to do the same!

  2. Thankyou and good luck to you too! :)