Monday, 30 May 2011


Hello friends, fellow jawbreakers, random people of the Internet,

I’m writing this because I’m about to go on a life-changing (ahem face-changing) journey and I want you there with me. There we go – short and sweet and straight to the point.

So, what journey? Not the sort of journey taking you on planes and trains and cars, not the sort where you take photos of the view, and definitely not the sort where you can kick back and relax. I’m talking about an operation (cue dramatic music). Corrective jaw surgery. (It's really not that dramatic I hope.)

Just to let you know where I'm at... At the moment I haven’t been fully informed of all the nitty-gritty jaw science stuff, but here’s what I do know: I’ve been having orthodontic treatment since 2009, my operation will be this summer, they’re pushing my bottom jaw back and my upper jaw forward (don’t ask me how, but it’s possible!), and my surgeon seems like a friendly person. I’m in good hands, as they might say so watch this space for more.

I’m also writing this because I love writing. Although this site is completely new, I am a regular blogger; as much as I love my other website however, I don’t really think it would be appropriate to write a tonne on the changing ways of my face and other surgery stuff whilst simultaneously telling readers about the latest fashion styles and lifestyle finds. I mean I could, but the heavy they’re-gonna-break-my-jaw theme doesn’t really fit into the whole “life is sweet, let’s eat lollipops” vibe.

Anyway, naturally I don’t want to be (or feel) on my own throughout all of this so the more the merrier! And I’m talking about you. I’ll make you a deal – I’ll go through the surgery and write about it, and you can read all about it. (And make me feel better if I’m going through a “phase”.) If just one person joins me, I’ll keep on writing. Even if it is my mum.

I know there are a few similar blogs out there, but hey – the more the merrier!

I'll keep you posted