Friday, 15 July 2011

Does my face look big in this?

Hi again :)

It's been almost a week since I last wrote (although time seems to have flown by), and I'm happy to say that things are going really well. The swelling is still very noticable, however it's gone down a bit so I could pass as having a very, very, very chubby face instead of a post-jaw-surgery one. I can carry out normal conversations and actually be understood (hip hip hooray!), I can actually sleep for more than 4 hours at a time, and my days of simply sitting on the sofa and sleeping are sadly over. Other fellow jawbreakers are definitely right: the first week is the hardest - and the first week is officially over! Join me in virtual celebration?

For the first time in a week, I stepped foot outside yesterday for a follow-up hospital appointment. "Disguised" by massive face-eating sunglasses, a large scarf and an even larger hoodie, I tried to keep my face as hidden as possible. And apparently my eyes still aren't back to "normal"? Well, they were well hidden by the sunnies anyway. James Bond disguises aside, it felt very weird to be back in touch with reality; after all I've been trapped in my sofa-dvd-water-magazine-sleep bubble for a good few days. The surgeon said that everything is coming along well, and (painfully) removed the big plastic mould which was attached to my upper teeth. The very good news is that now I can actually see my new bite - and my teeth are actually quite together! And he removed the horrible blood clot sitting in my nose so now I look less pig-like and can finally breathe properly.

Despite the fact that my skin is playing havoc (for your sake I won't go into detail) and I'm still not well enough to do proper things, I really feel that the recovery process is going very smoothly. As for the pain, it's significantly reduced and my regular painkillers have become less regular. As for the swelling, I've started taking homeopathic medicine to help so fingers crossed it does what it says on the bottle!

I know I keep saying thanks, but if you are reading this, thanks again! I've seen a few people from outside my
sofa-dvd-water-magazine-sleep bubble and I can't wait to have more visitors :) If it weren't for the brilliant support I'm receiving (inside bubble and out), I would be a miserable girl with a very, very, very chubby face. So thanks :)

See you later

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  1. Yes yes.. Celebrate!! you sound like you are progressing very well. You should post photos of your progress. One day soon your bubble will pop and you will look back and wonder how you survived it all!! Congrats...