Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Oh My Gosh is that my face!?

Woaaah. One month on from the last time I checked in with you all, and things are pretty much the same. Eating arrangements are back to how they were before the surgery - except this time the bite is heaps better. Up until a few weeks ago, part of my chin was still quite numb so every time I drunk liquids I would get a cold tingling feeling, but it's been less noticable lately which can only be a good thing. As for the sticky-outy wire poking the hell out of my gums at the back of my mouth, it never was truly fixed by the orthodontists but I have finally gotten used to the pain. And can finally stop pestering my mum with gum-related complaints.

Sometimes I can't believe that it's been a quarter of a year since the operation. Sometimes I can't even remember what I used to look like and am actually quite shocked seeing photos from several months ago. Looking through photos to find one for a new ID card, I found the one I used for last year's card. OMG it is different!! (And I don't even like using "OMG"). It's only now that I'm fully used to seeing this jaw-amended face that the old jaw looks horrifically different. So much so. How I viewed those photos before is drastically different from how I see them now. It's quite hard putting it into words actually; how on earth can my face look so changed in a matter of months without me even noticing it? (With the exception of the Swollen Days which I now prefer to forget..) From the side, my face is still quite swollen though that's something I'll only see and notice if I've taken a photo from the side and am studying it. Anyway, I finally got round to sharing some before and after shots with friends, and it seems that I'm not the only one who is completely taken aback by the change. In a good way, I'm hoping.

For other jaw-breakers-to-be, I bring good news. Three months on, your jaw will not be affected by rollercoasters! :) I know it's not really breaking news but to be honest I was slightly worried that my love for dangerously-fast-speed-adrenaline-pumping machines would be hindered by having a newly fixed jaw. But I didn't feel a thing! On the topic of updates, just thought that might be not completely useless news. And I love rollercoasters so much I did have to double-check with my surgeon beforehand...

On a slightly less optimistic level, I've been having so many health problems since the op. Not particularly major ones, but it's clear that my immune system isn't as happy as it used to be. All those anaesthetics and being "under the knife" (shudder) for 5 hours is clearly going to take it's toll for quite some time. Also, for almost 3 years I've been having weird problems with my neck where it feels like an electric shock every month or so. Since surgery, they have been becoming more frequent so I finally got it checked out by a GP. Turns out it's not a big deal and the jaw position is/was inflamed with something to do with a trapped nerve. Solution? Tablets and lots of them, but I should probably be used to it now! From here onwards, things will be getting much, much better :)

Here's hoping...