Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Progress, preparation and pigging out

So there are two weeks to go until the dreaded day of the operation… I say “dreaded”, but part of me is excited for the end result, with the other part either scared but brave, worried but brave, or putting all thoughts of jaw-breakage and pain to the very back of my mind…in other words trying to be brave. In fact, if you ask me about my operation, it’s likely I’ll tell you with a smile. I’m thinking optimistic thoughts right now.

The final preparations are all coming together now; I went for my pre-surgery tests on Monday and have several more appointments before going under the knife (scary thought!). Thankfully I’ve met my surgeon a few times now, and I am confident that my jaw will be safe in his hands (both metaphorically and literally speaking).

I now know a little more about the actual procedure – it’s called bimax osteotomy (Google at your own risk) and will involve splints, screws and making an incision just under my chin. What would we do without general anaesthesia? I’ve also had to sign a consent form, understanding the risks. Bleeding, bruising, pain, swelling, numbness of lip and tongue (possibly permanent – eek!), nose changes and more. “No pain without gain” seems quite applicable here, but the only one I am concerned about is the nose change part. But I trust the surgeons, and if I ever have to, I’ll buy one of those fancy dress disguise glasses which come with a comic nose. Obviously no one will recognise me then!

I’ve been quite shocked at the level of support I’ve been getting, and I am blessed to have such amazing friends and family (and even teachers). Of course it’ll be the summer holidays soon and I am already a little jealous at some of the activities people will be getting up to, but people’s promises of pre-op pigging out sessions, soup, baby food, magazines, movie nights and company are so so lovely and will definitely keep me occupied and happy during recovery time. Thank you!

Keep me in your prayers please, and I’ll see you soon



  1. Best of luck to you! Im 8 weeks post Op and doing quite nicely! Its finally all coming together. I will send you prayers and follow your progress.
    Cheers sweet girl and many blessings!!

  2. Thank you very much!! :)