Monday, 12 September 2011

Time flies!

Wow, it really has been a long time since I wrote to you all. The two month mark passed last week (yipee) and I can actually eat a sandwich and pasta without whipping out the food liquidiser. Aand, I no longer have to hide behind ridiculously sized sunglasses. If that's not progress, then what is? :P

It's weird to think that a mere two months ago I was surviving off syringe-fed liquids, and feeling pretty dead every day. It's even weirder to think that my face has actually changed; I know I know I'm stating the obvious, but it's quite a huge concept to get your head around! I'd like to think I look normal but I know the swelling is still there and can take months to completely go down. But one of things I've learnt from this whole patience.

Seeing people after the long summer break is a little strange, especially watching people stare at you trying to figure out what's different. (Strange and a little creepy perhaps.) And I forget that it's my face/jaw they're staring at, and not something/someone behind me. Crazy, crazy times. Getting used to it though.

My speech is, at times, a lot unclearer than it used to be and according to my mum, "it looks as though you have something in your mouth when you talk." I have my fingers crossed this will improve with time, but speech therapy is something I may have to look into if the problem persists! In other jaw-related news, my orthodontist said last week that my teeth are pretty much in position (double hooray!) and it won't be long before my braces are taken off. Now that calls for a triple hooray!!

Just a couple more things before I sign off... I went abroad during the summer and had to go past all the security lines etc. And the metal in my face does not (I repeat does not) trigger off the metal alarm thing! Oh, and my passport with the old face was approved. Huge sigh of relief.

Going back to the title, time really really really does fly. With massive wings and all. And a propeller. On a helicopter. With light speed stuff. I could go on. The "worst weeks of my life" are definitely a thing of the past and starting to get a little blurry. So, upwards and onwards towards the non-blurry!

Ps. This is a diary of a smile, and the smile is almost, almost back to normal. Once the hamster cheeks have gone, all will be good!

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